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Ailie MacK's Videos

"Detour"  - Live Stream Concert  4-11-2020
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"Detour"  - Live Stream Concert  4-11-2020
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"Detour" - Live Stream Concert 4-11-2020

Anxiety - Live Acoustic Version with Jen Crowe
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Anxiety - Live Acoustic Version with Jen Crowe

Right Now by Ailie MacK
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Right Now by Ailie MacK

True Colors (Solo/Live - Cover)
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True Colors (Solo/Live - Cover)

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About Ailie

Ailie MacK (pronounced Ay-Lee) is a singer-songwriter who engages her listeners with soulful vocals and thought-provoking lyrics. No matter what style she is inspired by - pop, alternative, rock, jazz, and blues - she aims to deliver lyrics and vocals that do the story justice, musical hooks that convey the underlying emotion, and, hopefully, a spark of some kind - a connection, an inspiration, a laugh, or a new perspective - to listeners, who can hear themselves in the story and know that they are not alone and that we are all experiencing the human condition.

Ailie's songwriting process is very much grounded in the lyrics because, for her, the lyrics tell the story, dictate the rhythm and the mood, and become the melody she sings. She has studied jazz and pop music for decades and there is a sort of marriage of the two that has occurred sonically in her songs - the accessibility of pop with a touch of the beautiful dissonance of jazz and blues.

Ailie is extremely grateful for the training she has received as a vocalist and songwriter, with a Bachelors of Music degree from the University of Southern California and a few world-class, Grammy-nominated music teachers, mentors, and collaborators she has been lucky to know, but she is even more grateful to have learned that, ultimately, music comes from the heart and soul, not the head.

Check out Ailie’s YouTube channel “Ailie MacK Music” to watch live performances and other original content.

Song Reviews...

"MacK puts anxiety in slow motion, sets it to a rhythm and an introspective melody and both honors the experience while offering a way not to be controlled by it. It’s frankly a brilliant and original approach to a malady that is much more common than many people are willing to admit and getting to hear a song that tackles it in this way will hopefully be helpful." 

"There’s a touch of Classic Pop artfulness within the accessibly poised vocals... you’re immersed in an EDM Pop mix with subtle infusions of Hip Hop with the snappy beats and futuristic electronic effects..." 

"Anxiety is a pretty playful pop song with good melody in the chorus... the singer sings about her anxiety in an honest way. So the song is a bit of a way to treat their inner demons and be open with them."


What People Say...

Great writer, great singer!

Soulful. Powerful. Voice.

Amazing voice, interesting, intelligent, insightful...

She possesses a beautifully soulful voice

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